* Fuels
* Lubricating oils and grease
* Paint and paint accessories
* Detergents
* Cleaning accessories
* Waist oil pick up


With our bunkerboats we supply gasoil (TotalFinaElf) to shipping, fishery, inland navigation, dredging companies in the harbours of Zeebruges, Ostende and Bruges.
Bunkers Dagreda also supplies abroad, for example in the Netherlands, UK, France, Denmark and other countries.
Bunkers Dagreda guarantees good service and competitive prices.
We provide quality products in accordance with the daily price.
For many years we have been providing the bunker transport of gasoil, fuel oil and diesel for TotalFina Elf.
Lubricating oils and grease


Bunkers Dagreda has a large range of lubricating oils and grease of Fina. For every application, we have at our disposal the proper oils and grease.
Oils for principal and submotor turbo's, compressors, hydraulic systems, propeller-shafts, stearingmachines, pumps, winches.
Grease for propeller-shaft, grease system.
Quality, service and prices have top priority.
The new and used lubricating oil are analyzed in the TotalFina Elf laboratories. Our customer receives a comprehensive analysis.
Paint and paint accessories
Bunkers Dagreda offers a large range of Sigma coatings paint.
We have specific paint for the shipping industry. Undercoatings, topcoatings, rubberpaints, two component paint, antifoulings, varnish. You name it, we have it.
With every different paint we provide the appropriate thinner.
Besides the variety of paint we also have the appropriate paint accessories. Paintbrushes, radiator brushes in different lengths and thickness, quality and size.
In shipping and fishery, quality detergents are highly important.
Therefore the ships need to be frequently cleaned.

Rustcleaner : This is a very efficient product for cleaning all with rust affected parts.

Neptun cleaner : This product thoroughly cleans surfaces stained with grease, oil and rust, without affecting the cleaning part.

Alunet  : This product thoroughly cleans aluminium pieces. Perfectly fit for aluminium plate in the machinery.

Cleaning accessories
Good cleaning products go with the right cleaning accessories.
Wash-leathers, sponges, sweepers,......we have it at Bunkers.
We at Dagreda have everything in stock.
We also have the various cleaning-rags (for machinery).
Waist oil pickup
Our firm is also acknowledged collector of waste oil for seaships and fisheryships with the necessary licence of the OVAM.
Specifically for this purpose, we own a waste-ship Fina 2 with a loadcapacity of 50 cub.

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